28th June 2023

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Company Logo Baseball Caps, Bucket Hats and Beanies

At Illuminated Promotions, we have great pride in announcing the availability of a new corporate branded bag range with more than a basic nod to fashion and style. Incorporating exceptional attention to manufacturing quality with sought-after brand Herschel, we are delighted to bring ultra cool corporate bags to the promotional branded merchandise market.

Company logo caps, hats, and beanies are a great way to promote your brand and get your name out there. They are also a fun and effective way to show your team spirit or support your favourite cause.

Here are some of the many benefits of using company logo headwear:

  • Brand Awareness: When people see your logo on a promotional branded baseball cap, bucket hat or beanie, they are more likely to remember your brand. This should lead to increased sales and business opportunities.
  • Employee Morale: Giving your employees custom logo caps & headwear is a great way to show them that you appreciate their hard work and company loyalty. It can also help to boost morale and improve team spirit within today’s increasingly competitive labour markets.
  • Customer Loyalty: When customers wear your logo branded headwear, they are essentially walking marketing messages for your business. This can help to increase customer loyalty and generate new leads. New leads are what we all live for and strive to achieve!
  • Promotional Tool: Company logo headwear can be used as a promotional tool at trade shows, sales and industry events, and other marketing campaigns. It is a great way to get your brand in front of large and varied audiences.
  • Personal Touch: Custom logo headwear can be a great way to add a personal touch to your marketing efforts. You can use it to celebrate special occasions, thank customers for their business, or simply show your appreciation to your team.
  • Choose to Go Green: We have a wealth of superb recycled material and organic cotton material options to choose from in the world of promotional branded caps and company logo headwear. Let a member of the Illuminated Promotions team take the strain to talk you through some options to keep it clean, green and proud to be seen!

How to Choose the Right Company Logo Headwear

When choosing company logo branded baseball caps and headwear, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The Type of Headwear: There are many different types of promotional branded headwear available, so you will need to choose one that is appropriate for your target audience. For example, construction companies might want to choose hard hats with their logo branded on them as a first port of call.
  • The Size and Colour of the Logo: The size and colour of your logo will affect how visible it is on the headwear. You will want to make sure that the logo is large enough to be seen, but not so large that it is overwhelming.
  • The Quality of the Headwear: You will want to choose corporate promo headwear that is made from high-quality materials. This will ensure that the headwear lasts and that your logo looks good for the longest possible time.
  • The Materials Used in Your Logo Branded Promotional Caps & Headwear: Increasingly, we feel it is wise to choose eco or green options for promotional marketing product campaigns – be that in the world of promo headwear or any other branded promotional gifts. The wealth and scope of recycled and organic products available is ever-increasing, the quality is first class and readily available and there will be a price point to suit any budget – what is not to like?

Company logo branded caps, hats, and beanies are a great way to promote your brand, boost employee morale, and increase customer loyalty. When choosing company logo headwear, be sure to choose the right type of headwear, the right size and colour for your logo, and high-quality materials.

Here are some additional tips for using company logo headwear:

  • Ensure your logo is easy to read and be remembered
  • Use a consistent colour scheme throughout your marketing materials
  • Make sure the headwear is comfortable to wear and fits all sizes required
  • Promote your promotional branded headwear on your website and social media channels

By following these tips, you can use company logo headwear to effectively promote your brand and work towards your marketing goals.

Why Choose Company Logo Caps & Beanie Hats for Marketing Campaigns?

  • Branding with Style: With your brand identity or company logo proudly displayed upon a great range of corporate branded caps and hats, you will be making a statement of intent within your corporate merchandise marketing. Align your brand with a cool and stylish promo headwear choice to ensure you are promoting your brand as being stylish, as well as fun and on-trend.


  • Fit for All Seasons: Promotional branded caps, bucket hats and embroidered logo beanie hats will create a lasting impression for your brand through every season of the year. Perfect for summer events indoor and out, promotional baseball caps are great value for money at all times. However, what could be a better promotional tool for summer festivals than your company logo bucket hats – low cost and stylishly displaying your company logo? And for the colder months of the year, a good-looking beanie hat with your company logo will look superb and keep heads warm right through the winter season.


  • Extensive Range of Caps & Hats: The scope and range of promo hats and caps available to all customers might well surprise our customers! Promotional caps, hats and beanies can come in various styles, materials, and design options – the team at Illuminated Promotions will be happy to talk you through some of the options available to you for your next event, product launch or marketing campaign push.


  • Superb Choice of Merchandise Giveaway: Choose from our superb range of promo branded caps and corporate headwear options and use these low-cost marketing merchandise products as a giveaway for various events and occasions throughout the year. Have you sales staff keep a stock of company logo branded caps and hats with them for customer meetings as a leave-behind marketing gift that will sure to be appreciated. Use as part of a low-cost physical mailshot campaign and make sure to use a cost-effective scatter promotional tool at sales shows and exhibitions by handing away trendy baseball caps and logo branded bucket hats to the visitors who come to your stand. And don’t forget to have your own staff dressed in you company logo clothing complete with logo branded caps and promotional hats when celebrating the successes of your business at industry events.

Variety of Corporate Caps & Headwear Options:

We are happy to be able to recommend an excellent variety of corporate branded Herschel bag options available to all our customers. Available in a high-quality selection for customer branding options, please let us know how you might be thinking about bag use and the audience you are reaching out towards. At Illuminated Promotions we will be very happy to explain and explore the options available to all customers for this superb range of Herschel corporate branded bags from this leading global brand. Some of the selected highlights from the Herschel range are shown below;

  1. Premium American Recycled Twill – A classic structured 6 panelled cap with a stylish pre-curved peak: these caps come equipped with a fabric covered short touch strap at the back for greater comfort and attention to detail. Made from 100% recycled acrylic – the origin being previous plastic bottles. Available in a wide variety of colour options and can be either an off-the-shelf design, or why not choose to go fully bespoke with your own company cap design creation with the help of our excellent back-office factory creation team.
  2. Recycled Twill with Mesh Back – These are 6 panel caps with a pre curved peak. A classic design. However, these twill caps have a mesh back feature and are made from recycled plastic bottles – a little piece of marketing manufacturing style genius!
  3. Organic Cotton – A classic design of 6 panels and is ever popular in the world of promotional baseball caps using cotton which is the most popular material used throughout the industry. By choosing organic cotton many of the processes of manufacture are healthier and eliminates harmful chemicals and pesticide use.
  4. Organic Cotton with Mesh Back – These structured 6 panel promo caps have a double plastic snap back and using modern organic cotton material, this ensures that dangerous chemicals and pesticides are eliminated from the production process. This is a certified process that ensures there are also healthier working conditions for those processing the crops.
  5. Recycled Twill Bucket Hats – Made from recycled plastic bottles! So not only do you look good, your company logo is proudly displayed on a promotional marketing product that is making an active contribution towards a better future for the planet.
  6. Recycled Beanies Recycled beanies look great, come at an attractively affordable price per unit and will be visible through the colder months of the year. Made from 50% recycled polyester and 50% acrylic.

Sending a Modern Image with Branded Logo Baseball Caps?

Promotional baseball caps and company logo headwear may not be new to the market but with the wealth of new material options, truly green material manufacturing certification and an abundance of styles and colour options, we believe that this ever-evolving area will always be right on trend for all your marketing events and promotional needs. Choose from a large variety of colour options and available styles or go the extra mile and speak to a member of the team to create a fully bespoke promotional cap to send the perfect images for your company’s brand identity. Caps, bucket hats and beanies look great, they send a clear and visible brand message and tick all of the budget boxes to make this a must-have addition to your company’s core stock of all-year round promotional merchandise products.


Get in touch with a member of the Illuminated Promotions team to discuss how your next branded corporate caps order needs to reflect the growing customer demand for quality, durability, and fashion-leading style. Create a cutting-edge lasting impression via your brand’s promotional caps and headwear and promotional merchandise range.

 At Illuminated Promotions we are here to help you with the whole range of corporate headwear and clothing, branded tech merchandise, eco promotional product and sustainable corporate gift queries. Browse our promotional gifts website or call 020 8154 3324 for more personal assistance and expert promotional product marketing advice.