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6th Feb 2023

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Promotional Gifts – Planning for 2023

Another day another dollar, another year another wealth of opportunities abound within the world of promotional merchandise and corporate gifting. At Illuminated Promotions, we believe that 2023 could be one of the most dynamic and exciting on offer in terms of the scope and scale of product possibilities – targeting your market is becoming more exact and personal, therefore creating a sustainable lasting impression with a hot range of Eco promotional gift options allows us to stride forward in 2023 with a clear sense of responsibility.

In this guide for the year ahead, we hope to help and advise, promote and inspire our customers old and new to make informed decisions on promotional gifting for 2023 with an array of ideas and suggestions that can be used for all occasions and suitability for all client budgets.

Illuminated Promotions Top Tip: Take some time as a marketing team to talk through your event dates and schedule to discuss when you need to plan for each event and book in some solid dates for the diary where a decision is actually made with your promotional products supplier. We suggest a 6-week lead time for most products will suffice but with bespoke corporate gifts that require manufacture tailored to your exact needs – give it three months to make sure you have time to spare. You will never regret having too much time, but it is possible to be left disappointed by leaving too little time to place an order.

Business Promotional Gifts – Identify Your Short-List

Your promotional products supplier will no doubt have told you that the market size of product choice is north of tens of thousands of products – that’s right, daunting! However, when you start to narrow down the field and speak to your trusted professional business gifts supplier, you can begin to make some serious in-roads to identifying a short-list that will suit the needs of your event or next requirement. Is it a summer or winter event that will showcase your company promotion? Indoors or outdoors? UK or European? And is the audience likely to be tech savvy or perhaps a more mature audience? These are all valid questions to consider when thinking about the ideal corporate business gift choice for your next company promotional event. The answers to these key questions and other specific factors that relate to your company gathering will help you to help us narrow down the sort of product requirements we need to delve into to suggest a short-list of corporate promotional gifts ideal for your needs. Promotional umbrellas might not suit this time but maybe for the next show in May, they could be ideal. Perhaps company logo gadgets and promotional tech products will hit the mark much better than company branded logo clothing such as embroidered beanies or embroidered Columbia Jackets or printed logo North Face full zip fleeces. Let’s leave the company branded clothing options for another time and lean into the branded tech and promotional gadgets for the next product launch show.


Illuminated Promotions Top Tip: Sustainable corporate merchandise and promotional gifts are an exciting and growing area of the market with ever more possibilities across all the main market segments – from recycled material choices to organic cotton clothing and reusable product options that take away the issue of single use plastic pollution – there are a wealth of options to kick start your corporate year on a sustainable note. Eco-branding in corporate gifting is a recommendation that we will always push forward for our clients and will happily talk through a range of green options to suit your company budget for all your requirements in 2023.

Gifts For Promotion – New Company Logo Re-Brand

Nothing stays the same forever and standing still often leads to being overtaken – a motto for the ambitious in life’s daily battles also rings true in the corporate world. Increasingly we see customers refreshing their corporate logos or completely re-defining and re-designing their company brand guidelines to launch a new logo to help keep things fresh and to keep that vital one step ahead of the competition. With this scenario in mind, it will also be time to freshen up the promotional gift supply and communicate with your customer base of the new brand image. Brand awareness via corporate gift giveaways is a vital part of any marketing mix and there are several ways and product choices that this can be achieved. From onboarding packs personalised to the user and sent direct to home or office locations, to exhibition giveaways at a trade stand or sales fair. Many products fit the bill as the correct weapon of choice for such a re-brand and education campaign and items as diverse as promotional umbrellas to company printed notebooks, bamboo powerbanks to other promotional tech gadgets and company logo clothing can all be ideal means of message delivery when you have a new corporate logo to inform to your customer base.

Illuminated Promotions Top Tip: Take a little time to work through your new logo corporate messaging and what it stands for and look to marry this up with your corporate gifting choices. A clever strapline to suit this logo launch or re-brand might be just the extra topping to create the perfect dish and a recipe for marketing success.

Promotional Gifts – An Event Roadshow Across Multiple Locations

We have a variety of customers with what can initially look like a complicated campaign brief involving multiple locations and event roadshows across various international borders. At Illuminated Promotions we love such a challenge to ensure that a customer’s every requirement is in place to suit every location and to meet all specific date deadlines. With a wealth of experience of customer requirements and a back-office team to look after all your logistical requirements, let us take the strain and ensure all your promotional gift roadshow requirements are met and you are informed at every stage along the journey. From personal update calls and contact re. order progress, to live-tracking of package shipments, we can help take the stress out of any international marketing merchandise logistics for all our customers. Promotional gifts can be tailored in terms of messaging to suit the audiences required also, be that in the language of corporate branding messaging to electronic certification and compliance within each target market location. We don’t believe in asking our customers to provide all the answers to logistical queries and a simple “click and order service” without customer care and order responsibility is never the way we wish to do business.


Illuminated Promotions Top Tip: Get in touch with our team with an outline schedule of your promotional event roadshow – ideally as far in advance as you can happily share that information gives us a window to perfectly plan a promotional merchandise delivery plan. With our expert logistical support, all based on years of experience and a back-up team to keep an eye on the progress of your shipments, we’ll take the strain on your behalf.

Eco Company Gifts – Make The Responsible Choice!

Whatever the company calendar lays out for 2023 – one thing is for sure and that is that you need to go green Green GREEN! Eco promotional products and responsible sustainable material corporate merchandise is the must have for now and for the future. This need not limit your choices and in fact, it will expand the scope and scale of opportunities to create a lasting impression for all company requirements throughout the year ahead. From branded company logo notebooks to embroidered caps, beanie hats and clothing to printed company logo umbrellas and the very latest in branded logo tech and gadgets, there are superb eco material and sustainable product options to choose from. We love bamboo products from engraved power banks to pens and speakers and watch out for the ever-expanding list of organic cotton clothing options available to choose from. A big favourite of our team is also the Impact AWARE™  selection of bags and clothing and including laptop sleeves, tote bags and blankets with an excellent new range of clothing options which will not only showcase your logo but also display your corporate responsibility.


Illuminated Promotions Top Tip: Shout your eco credentials with pride and let your customers know that you are a leader in corporate responsibility. Using AWARE™ tracer you can validate the genuine use of recycled materials. Using the example of an Impact AWARE™ laptop backpack: Each bag saves 19.6 litres of water and has reused 32.9 0.5L PET bottles. 2% of proceeds of each Impact product sold will be donated to

Promotion Gift Choices for Exhibition Display

When you have clarified your key objectives for the year ahead and have plans all in place for the forthcoming exhibition season, it is time to finalise your promotional gift and corporate merchandise options. From giveaways to new customers and as a thank you to existing clients and contact visitors to your stand who will already have history with your organisation. Talk to a member of our experienced team about how best to store and transport your corporate merchandise products for use over the coming months – it is highly likely that we will have dealt with all the scenarios you need to discuss and we can speak with experience and advise from knowledge of previous customer campaigns.


Illuminated Promotions Top Tip: Don’t leave yourself short and budget a number of products that is 15% over what you estimate you might need according to each event. A surplus of promotional gift stock at the end of each event can be transported and stored for future use after all. But those last new customer contacts in the final day of the Expo will be left without a lasting impression of your brand with a lack of proper planning and stock numbers to cater for unexpected additional visitors.

At Illuminated Promotions we are here to help you with the whole range of promotional product and corporate gift queries. Browse our promotional gifts website or call 020 8154 3324 for more personal assistance and expert promotional product marketing advice.

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