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Promotional Branded Mugs

16th May 2022

Promotional Branded Mugs Gifts that Keep on Giving

Promotional branded mugs from Illuminated Promotions are a superb and ever-popular way for a business or organisation to get their message across on a permanent basis. Incorporating a large branding area and the ability to deliver a range of marketing messages, promotional branded mugs have for many years been a mainstay of corporate branded marketing campaigns both internally and externally for a multitude of companies and organisations. In other words, promotional branded mugs are equally adept at displaying the corporate policy both for your own staff as well as spreading the message to your customer base.


Promotional branded mugs come in a range of shapes and sizes and have design names as diverse:

In the main though, you have a couple of main product choices to make – earthenware or bone china (there are also plastic and recycled promotional mugs as well as superb choices of promotional travel mugs such as the superb Cupple bottle product which is both a promotional Flask and reusable travel mug combination product:  

These are the main choices a customer needs to bear in mind before placing an order with a respected promotional merchandise company and much of the reason for the choice will depend on company budgets, corporate message to be delivered or the intended target market for the appropriate promotional branded mug choice. For instance, a construction or home-building firm will generally tend towards a sturdy earthenware mug whereas a city design agency will likely favour the more subtle approach offered by  the range of quality bone china promotional mugs on offer.

Branding of the corporate message is for many as simple as emailing the company logo and web address across with your order confirmation or purchase order but there are a range of options which customers may wish to consider adding an extra “spice” to their corporate marketing of promotional mugs. Why not pantone match the entire promotional mug to match in with your company colours or add the tagline of your organisation inside the mug with the company logo on the outside? Top of mug, bottom of mug, a complete company logo wrap or inside the lip of the promotional mug choice, there are a range of printing options using both screen print and dye sublimation techniques available to be used. Make the most of your promotional branded mug campaign and be sure to stand out from the crowd with your corporate marketing campaign.

To view all our promotional mugs from our online catalog click the link.

At Illuminated Promotions we pride ourselves in being able to help deliver the best possible corporate marketing plans in relation to promotional branded products and with promotional mugs, the choice is vast. Get in touch with a member of the team and discuss how a promotional branded mug campaign may just be your very own cup of tea to help drive the next wave of sales as part of your new marketing campaign.

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