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Onboarding Packs for New Employees

Onboarding packs also know as welcome packs are a great introduction to your company for new employees on their first day of work.  We have seen these growing in popularity over the last couple of years particularly with more work from home employment opportunities.

Ease those first-day nerves – help new employees settle in quickly with our corrugated Welcome boxes.  Each box offers a great way to present a range of core products and a few treats to kick start their day.  Create the right impression with memorable mailing boxes, personalised with your branding and creative graphics.

onboarding packs
mechbox welcome pack

Start creating your onboarding packs today!

Want to find out more about creating your box?  Click here for our contact form we’re always happy to answer any questions and provide a fast quote.  Below are some example onboarding boxes to help you create your own welcome box.

Our range of packaging offers the perfect way to present products or promotional giveaways during the exhibition season

Get creative with a themed onboarding pack designed perfectly to match your exhibition graphics, add branding, include product images, USP’s and taglines.  Inside the onboarding pack there are plenty of options to add the “WOW” factor with internal print plus corrugated card, foam and shredded paper void-fill to protect your giveaways during transit.

swagbox corrugated package
swagbox eco packaging
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