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How to Reduce Waste & Increase Corporate Visibility

14th Oct 2022

Eco Friendly Merchandise

Eco Friendly Merchandise

Branded eco-friendly and sustainable promotional products via the team at Illuminated Promotions is a wide-ranging and growing collection of the finest available promotional products to suit every budget and covering every area of the marketplace. In short, there is something for everyone from engraved logo bamboo power banks to recycled RPET laptop bags and rucksacks and from sustainable flasks and bottles to reusable coffee tumblers and recycled material promotional umbrellas. 

Going back not so many years the importance and sustainability of eco-friendly promotional products was always known within the market but the choice and variety of products did not necessarily meet the demand – we are delighted to report that all this has changed. And changed utterly.

Sustainable Corporate Gifts

Consider the case of one of our favourite corporate gift products – the superb Cupple bottle which combines two sustainable products in one. Using recycled stainless steel and recycled cardboard in the packaging of the product, the design team behind Cupple will tell you that the greatest way to reduce waste in the environment is not to create any in the first place! Wise words indeed – Cupple offers a convenient, sustainable choice for people on the move whilst helping to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. Cupple is a proud member of the 1% for the Planet organization. Furthermore, all the components of Cupple are available to buy separately to ensure the continued sustainability of this superb eco promotional product for life. Cup + Bottle = Cupple.  Read more about Cupple

Eco Friendly Corporate Gifts

A very popular new choice for the material chosen for their promotional custom bags is recycled cotton, as seen in the exciting – new for 2022 – range of Impact Aware Recycled Canvas bags.

Available in a superb range of colour choices, which come in a variety of modern styles for different everyday uses – this range covers all angles in that you can choose from Recycled Canvas Backpacks Bags to Recycled Canvas Cooler Bags (16oz).


We also really appreciate the more budget ranges of promotional recycled bags available to order such as the Hever Recycled Sports Holdalls, which are large enough to have a wide variety of uses and come in an attractive colour choice range that is sure to suit every corporate branding requirement.

Sustainable Business Gifts

Promotional branded eco gifts can be branded according to the surface and material of the product choice.  A large variety of eco-friendly promotional gadgets and tech items have come available on the market and some of which really catch they eye. We particularly like the option from the excellent Xoopar range of cutting-edge promotional gadgets to include Wheat Straw as the material chosen as an alternative option to plastic. Xoopar’s industry best-selling Octopus Cables come in a Wheat straw material option as is also demonstrated by another Xoopar product, like the Xoopar Pokket Wireless Mouse.

At Illuminated Promotions we applaud all manufacturers for supporting a more sustainable approach to their corporate promotional gadget range and we really like bamboo products also as seen used in Powerbanks and reusable coffee flasks and tumblers.

Onboarding Packs

Onboarding Packs or Welcome Merch Boxes are another leading new product range that is seeing tremendous interest and sales volume from our customer base and the use of recycled and sustainable eco promotional products within this area is just as popular. From recycled cardboard packing of the actual swag boxes to the eco friendly printed logo products chosen as the contents of the Onboarding Packs – all eyes on sustainability are taken care and managed for you by the team at Illuminated Promotions. Why not get in touch with us to enquire how your new team starter kits can embrace their roles with a superb range of inspirational eco friendly sustainable corporate gifts that will stand the test of time, be reused for years to come – all whilst proudly displaying your brand identity.

At Illuminated Promotions we are here to help you with the whole range of promotional product and corporate gift queries. Browse our promotional gifts website or call 020 8154 3324 or use our contact form for more personal assistance and expert promotional product marketing advice.

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