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27th Nov 2022


Eco Promotional Products – A Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the correct promotional product or bundle of corporate marketing gifts for your next company exhibition presence, your next trade show or simply to re-stock the corporate marketing merchandise store cupboard can be a time-consuming and potentially arduous task. Added to the potential for complication is the growing need to represent the company or organisation brand with an eco-focus and it could seem from the outset that the task has become even greater. However, at Illuminated Promotions, we are here to show customers – old and welcome new partners – that eco promotional marketing offerings can be wide and varied in concert with a very attractive range of choices to cover all the main areas associated with the wealth of marketing promotional products in general.

In this guide, we hope to break things down into a step-by-step process to make the decision-making process less daunting and show that there is a wealth of opportunity and choice to make clear and attractive product selections. We aim to demonstrate that you will not only showcase your brand and marketing message but also give assurance that the correct messages are understood in the eyes of your customers and staff in relation to the part we all must play towards a greener, more sustainable earth and future for all generations to follow.

Sustainable Merchandise – Know Your Budget

Does this sound like an obvious statement to make!? From experience, the team at Illuminated Promotions have had some awkward conversations with customers from time to time over the years when the figures just don’t add up!

Please remember we need to factor in all costs when it comes to providing a quote and going on to produce an order for our customers. Our web site costs offer as much guidance as is possible to give and we will give guide pricing per unit with price break discount offers at certain volumes of promotional merchandise but remember that we need to work out delivery requirements, whether this may be one address drop in the UK, multiple drops to multiple locations and maybe even international deliveries to various event locations. We are always delighted to arrange all of these scenarios for our customers but we need our customers to be aware that the more logistical layers we add per product order, the more likely this will have an effect on the overall customer job cost. On a similar note, our prices will act as a guide for each product with a one colour printed or decorated company logo, however – for some orders – we are asked to create a series of branding messages using a series of logos and this will also influence the price per unit per product offering and we really prefer our customer base to be armed with this information in advance.

Illuminated Promotions Top Tip: Sustainable promotional merchandise is an exciting on-message area of corporate gifting and we recommend asking a member of our team just to clarify that you have an idea for a certain budget across a selection of product areas. Let us take some of the strain of working out the figures for you and helping with your marketing budget planning with our industry product market experience and expertise to guide you every step of the way. We will make sure the figures all add up to an eco branding success story for your organisation.

Eco-Friendly Merchandise – Identify Your Audience

So, your budget is all set and you’re good to go with moving things forward with your eco promotional merchandise campaign requirements. Next stop is to identify your target audience but what do we mean by that? In the simplest terms, it is not now the time to flip through the pages of our catalogue, website or promo e-flyers and simply collate items that catch your eye whilst keeping a tally on the budget figures – it is time to take a step back to consider what the products required are being used for, who are the recipients and what will be the best use of your company’s hard-earned marketing budget for this campaign.

To break it down further, are the recipients internal (company employees) or external (customers)? Is the intended audience mostly male / female or an equal mix? Are these eco promotional products intended for new or existing company contacts? Is there is an age profile that can accurately be targeted, or are these eco marketing products based for a wide range of ages and profiles? Are there any further areas that we can look at to consider relevance in identifying the audience we will be reaching? University fairs for example are a common area of promotional merchandise targeting which will commonly reach a younger more tech savvy audience who are statistically more likely to be receptive to products geared towards an active lifestyle.

Illuminated Promotions Top Tip: Pay some time internally to think about your eco-friendly merchandise recipient audience and talk this through with members of your own team first. Alternatively, drop us a line to put some ideas forward and ask our opinion – not only will we be receptive to your queries or concerns but we will always act impartially and give best advice based on years of experience with guiding and helping hundreds of other clients.

Eco-Friendly Marketing Products – Select Eco Promotional Product Areas

Audience identified? Tick! Right, let’s move things forward with your eco-friendly marketing product or products selection for your marketing campaign. Having clarity in terms of the audience we are to reach is a massive leap forward, so progress is being made but it is time to narrow things down further… You’ve decided that tech products to reach a younger career-focused urban dwelling audience is the way to go with this campaign – excellent! But there is a need to keep things green and create not just the right impression for your brand but also a buzz in the eyes and hands of the recipient and with a product that is definitely on-message with eco credentials. Recycled product materials tick a lot of boxes in this area and can be supplied with confidence in virtually every product area from promotional branded powerbanks to branded multi-chargers, corporate bags to promotional flasks, company branded notebooks to promotional umbrellas and so much much more – there are a wealth of high quality recycled material company branded eco-friendly marketing products at your disposal and we are delighted to be able to talk you through some of the choices available to all customers. Illuminated Promotions Top Tip: We love bamboo! Everybody loves bamboo – a strong statement to make, but we think that bamboo offers a perfect combination of eco-friendly marketing product material and an exceptional green building material. It is a sustainable material that requires significantly less energy to grow and develop, acts against soil erosion, can supply biofuel, extends wildlife refuge areas, and is exceptional in the manufacture of eye-catching, superb quality and durable eco-friendly marketing products.

Eco Corporate Gifts – Identify Specific Product Choices

We are getting there! Some further factors to consider at this stage: If there is a venue for your exhibition or event, do we have storage availability before or during the event? So, do we have a definite idea of the amount of space we have to store our eco corporate gifts for this particular campaign? Also, have you considered the delegates or recipients who will be receiving your eco promotional gifts? Do we need to consider eco-friendly branded bags to help your customers take the products away? And in terms of transport of your eco-friendly corporate merchandise, it might be advisable to ask a member of the Illuminated Promotions team to help you clarify the space per box or pallet that your campaign merchandise is going to take and the wight per box or unit. At this stage we really want to identify if there are any areas of concern that need to be addressed to make sure that on the day, or over the course of the event, we have all planning in place to make sure that your event is set to be a smooth-running success!

Illuminated Promotions Top Tip: Take a little time to put yourself in the shoes of your delegates or event and exhibition guests. Choosing the correct eco corporate gift or gifts is about the best choice for the audience and the environment and space at your disposal at the time. Perfect planning makes for perfect results!

Eco Promotional Products – Clarify Your Marketing Message

We are ready to push the button and confirm the order with Illuminated Promotions! Company logo is to hand, eco promotional products have been identified as perfect for this campaign event and our planning is all in place in terms of logistics, transport and for the team in place on the big day/s – excitement and anticipation is building…

Have you considered tailoring your marketing message as bespoke for the event, for the audience, or even as bespoke for the eco promotional products you will be giving away? Promotional eco products can be as wide and varied as the imagination allows, so is this not the ideal time to consider your marketing message also? Certain products will lend themselves towards the adding of a strapline to reinforce the company logo or your event’s key objectives. Adding an event date or a recipient name as part of your promotional branding can further tailor your message to create a longer-lasting appeal for a successful corporate branding marketing event.

Illuminated Promotions Top Tip: We speak to customers at all times about tweaking and amending their message to suit a certain event or campaign audience – why not ask us for our opinion and run your ideas by our experienced team for the best advice we have to hand to meet your campaign specific objectives? Let’s work together to ensure that your next eco promotional products marketing campaign ticks all of the boxes and creates the best achievable result for your brand.

At Illuminated Promotions we are here to help you with the whole range of promotional product and corporate gift queries. Browse our promotional gifts website or call 020 8154 3324 for more personal assistance and expert promotional product marketing advice.

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