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Charities Love Promotional Mugs

7th June 2022

Charities Love Promotional Mugs

Charities love promotional mugs and are most commonly used as vehicles to promote the brand identity, to encourage sales, to help promote the new product launch or simply used as give-aways items to members of your own staff in the case of large organisations who wish to use promotional logo mugs as a means to transmit some important new internal information. For example, a large customer contact centre will often use promotional printed mugs to remind their own staff about a few key areas of training that should be repeated on all phone calls to customers. Whatever the intended use, a few points remain standard about promotional branded mugs and the reasons why they are so consistently used year after year by companies and organisations of all sizes. Simply put, promotional corporate mugs are low cost corporate branded gifts, they can display a large amount of information or company branding, they can be bright and cheerful, they are a desk item which is always seen by the user and they do the hard work for your brand identity or corporate values.

In terms of why a marketing manager or brand champion will choose promotional mugs, the reasons above make a lot of sense and prove why they are consistently top of the charts in terms of promotional marketing and advertising gift spend. However, what a lot of people don’t realise is the importance put on the use of promotional printed mugs by charities and other organisations who wish to find UK corporate gifts and marketing products to help not only with the promotion of their brand but also in terms of helping to raise revenue to keep the organisation’s cash-flow ticking along. Promotional branded mugs are a core item in this respect. We are a nation of tea and coffee drinkers both at home and in the office and as such mugs are an integral part of most people’s lives – a constant companion. In realisation of this, many organisations and charities seek to use promotional printed logo mugs to form part of the not just their branding requirements but also of their fundraising activities.

Consider an organisation who finds it hard to speak to all their members on a regular basis – perhaps an international organisation with offices all across the world in the field of wildlife education and research, or maybe a charity which tries to educate across the world in the field of children’s health. Such institutions will find it difficult to coordinate activities from location to location in a clear and consistent manner – this is why a professional website is so essential in helping to promote the charity cause, to educate their followers, to inform about future campaigns but also to help in the provision of funds. Promotional printed logo mugs will become a key feature of the fundraising activities of such a campaign in that they are popular low cost advertising gifts and can be easily transported from organisation to customer. Charity branded promotional mugs purchased by a follower of such an organisation will be a cherished corporate gift item which will form a daily reminder to the user of these promotional branded mugs of the importance of the work of the charity and the continued importance of the work of the organisation.

Another example of the reason why promotional corporate mugs are so important and valued by charities is in the wok of the more local based organisations which spend a lot of time educating and promoting the work of their charity on the road in events, fairs and exhibitions. Promotional printed mugs for charity funds for such an organisation can be used in the type of fair where you try and attract visitors to your stand to explain the work you are doing, perhaps to try and recruit many volunteers. Typical charities who act in this way work with animal welfare education and also community organisations working with youth groups campaigning in environmental or mental health campaigns or in age concern education. Fantastic organisations such as this should be supported at all times by both the public understanding and central government assistance. Unfortunately this is not always the case and these are some of the reasons why the use of promotional printed logo mugs and other corporate branded advertising products will always from part of the fundraising process. In short charities love promotional mugs because promotional mugs will work for your organisation.

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