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Branding in the Rain

7th Oct 2022

Branding in the Rain

At Illuminated Promotions we have 20 years and counting of helping our clients with their orders for promotional and corporate umbrellas – one the most popular and frequently visited sections of our website, it also provides some of the most regular areas for enquiries and orders.

Promotional umbrellas traditionally came in golf or telescopic varieties – or large and small for visual convenience! Golf umbrellas are not just seen on the golf course, but due to their size and branding potential are exceptionally popular for our customers, allowing them to print a large and complex logo or series of messages on various panels – this is an everyday practical corporate gift choice which ensures your logo will be seen in all settings and for many years of use.

Telescopic umbrellas are often seen as a convenient choice, ideal for the city commuter or to pack into a smaller bag for everyday tasks and can easily sit in the passenger seat of a car for those quick and essential journeys.

UK Umbrellas: For the UK and Beyond

Golf Umbrella

Branding your company logo printed umbrellas has never been so full of possibilities and the benefit of UK umbrellas and promotional umbrellas printed and delivered from the UK is the speed of production, delivery and supply. However, UK umbrellas such as the windproof Bedford Golf Umbrella offer a wide range of print and branding options for your next company golf day or simply to offer to your employees as a reward corporate gift product which will serve as a walking, traveling advertisement for your brand.

Printed Company Logo Umbrellas – Not Just for the Rain!

A common occurrence for the use of promotional branded logo umbrellas is actually intended for use indoors! Many customers come to us with an enquiry for logo branded umbrellas to be used at a trade show or exhibition – that’s right, these logo umbrellas are needed solely for use indoors! Why not speak to a member of the team to find the right choice of logo branded umbrella to ideally suit your needs and event requirements.

Personalised Umbrellas – It’s Your Choice

Promotional branded umbrellas are most commonly branded by printing the company logo on the panels of the umbrella – most often you will have 8 panels per branded golf umbrella and it will be a choice to brand to one, two or four panels in most cases. However, as print and branding technology has evolved, we can now offer a range of branding options to include printed logos to the underside of the umbrella panels, to the decal on the umbrella handle, to the handle itself and to the umbrella sleeve.

We also have branded umbrellas capable of displaying a multi-panel all over surface print and we are happy to be able to advise all customers on the range of options available to them for their needs.

Promotional Umbrellas for Every Event & Occasion

Many companies today are using the Onboarding Pack or Welcome Swag Box as part of their marketing and recruitment strategy. In the post covid 2020s, staff and talent retention is of prime importance and attracting the right team of talent in the first place can be a very challenging environment.

With this in mind, Onboarding Packs or Swag / Merch Boxes are often used by our customers to combine a series of inspirational marketing and branded logo products to welcome new members of staff to the team. With a variety of products such as branded logo mugs, corporate printed caps & clothing, promotional flasks and company branded notebooks, we are often seeing customers including a printed logo telescopic umbrella into their Swag Box mix – a product such as the Budget Super Mini is a fantastic option to choose to complete a modern workforce Onboarding Pack.

See our full range of umbrellas branded with your logo here.

At Illuminated Promotions we are here to help you with the whole range of promotional product and corporate gift queries. Browse our promotional gifts website or call 020 8154 3324 or use our contact form for more personal assistance and expert promotional product marketing advice.

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