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About us

With over 20 years of industry experience, Illuminated Promotions are proud to have selected the most relevant and up-to-date supply of best-selling, new and innovative promotional products and corporate gifts available in the market. And we don’t stop there – the team at Illuminated Promotions is constantly working on our customers instructions to source and secure ever more exciting and eye-catching promotional branded marketing products as they become available in the industry.

Our team will ensure that all customers are able to avail of the optimum levels of service and corporate responsibility on your behalf. We make it our priority to instruct our customers about the best options to enable the most informed decisions about the promotional merchandise decisions you need to make which ensures that all customers commercial objectives are met and that advertising budgets are used to reach maximum potential.

In simple terms, the approach at Illuminated Promotions makes sure that we create the leading standard in combination with speed of response and value for money to deliver an on-time approach to delivery of all customers promotional merchandise and corporate gifts order requirements.


Professional approach

At Illuminated Promotions we offer a range of industry-leading services in our approach to keeping our customers informed and up-to-date with their promotional merchandise enquiries, corporate gift orders, new company merchandise ideas and general information requirements. A proactive approach to customer service at all times means that we simply do not rest and wait for customers to pick and choose what they might like for their next corporate gift requirements or sales exhibition marketing giveaway items – we act with speed and forethought to help our customers achieve the best results on time, every time. Returning customers know that we always seek to keep them informed about the latest promotional merchandise trends, new product ideas or perhaps changes to stock or trading conditions that might affect their future plans or help to further fine tune their promotional merchandise marketing activity.

Request a call back

We appreciate that at times the levels of information and sheer amount of promotional product choice we offer can sometimes prove a little bit overwhelming. What colour choices do you have for my promotional company power bank order? Can our printed logo mugs be delivered within time for our new sales conference? Is it possible to emboss our order for corporate promotional bags? Can our corporate printed golf umbrellas order be combined in time with a run of printed sports bottles in time for our annual company day? Sometimes it is more time-efficient to simply ask a member of the Illuminated Promotions team to get in touch at a time of your choosing to discuss the needs and requirements for your next company promotional merchandise order. We are happy to always work within the requirements and needs of our customer’s requests and a simple phone call can at times be exactly the solution to solve the company merchandise puzzle.

Request a meeting

Our experienced team of promotional merchandise industry professionals are on call for requests to visit with our customers at times when it is simply imperative that only a sit-down meeting to discuss your next printed company merchandise order will suffice. Get in touch with a member of the team at Illuminated Promotions to request a meeting at a time to suit and let’s work together to make sure your next promotional products order is delivered on time, under budget and to the maximum potential that it can be. Requests are usually made a week in advance but we will work with our customers at all times to try and accommodate all reasonable meeting requests whenever we are able to do so.

Request a sample

Is the corporate printed notebook we have enquired about really as sturdy as the one we have purchased before? Can I see the difference between the last corporate USB drive we had in stock and the new model, and do you have any printed company merchandise examples you can show me to see how and where our company logo will appear on our printed company water bottles and corporate logo flasks? At Illuminated Promotions, we are proud to have developed and display our website with the most up-to-date and informative range of corporate gifts and printed company merchandise information but we do realise that there will be times that seeing and touching is more beneficial than the information you can see on our website – get in touch with us to request a sample from Illuminated Promotions and make your next promotional company merchandise order is a stunning success that will leave a lasting impression on your customers and enhance your brand identity for many years to come.


I can't find what i'm looking for?

At Illuminated Promotions we have selected a superb range of corporate printable merchandise and promotional gifts for every conceivable eventuality but there are times when the site is not showing me the options I need to see – can you show me the branded golf umbrella I am looking for? I love the selection of logo printed sports bottles and flasks but I do not see the promotional sports bottles I was hoping to find in the colour we need – can you please help me? Just get in touch with the team at Illuminated Promotions at any time to help guide, advise and steer you through the corporate gift marketplace to find the best option for your next promotional merchandise order requirement.


We provide quotations upon request at Illuminated Promotions for bespoke and multi-product promotional merchandise orders. Quotation requests are always welcome and once provided will be valid for 30 days unless stated. Promotional merchandise orders and corporate gift requirements are a fast-moving and competitive affair so we invite all customers – new and returning – to avail of the pricing service built into our website. However, we acknowledge there will be many times that the service and pricing information offered on our website is fast, efficient and concise but more can be needed to complete the information you need to gauge exactly the budget spend that is required for your next company promotional merchandise supply. Get in touch with us at Illuminated Promotions and let us confirm exactly how your order will break down in terms of cost, lead time to delivery and all other details you might require.
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